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Jawatan Kosong Di Cleantech Development Sdn Bhd

Jawatan Kosong Di Cleantech Development Sdn Bhd

Majikan :          Cleantech Development Sdn Bhd
Alamat :           PT 558, Tingkat 2, Taman Damai Perdana, Wakaf Che Yeh,  15150 Kota Bharu
Telefon :          09-7449669 (Pn.Nurzuriana Bt Zulkefli)
Email :   

Jawatan :         Sales & Marketing Executive
Kekosongan :    L = 0, P = 0, L/P = 1
Kelayakan :      Diploma/ Degree In Civil Or Equivalent
Gaji :              RM 1,500.00 + Commision Of Sale
Qualification requirement :-
- At least 2 years extensive experience in handling sales & marketing, management and business development.
- dynamic, aggressive, multi tasking, independent, can work under pressure, administrative, good communication skill
- fluent speaking and written in bahasa malaysia & english
- willing travel
- must be computer literate
- advantage for those experience in sales (house) and know the requirement of majlis and little bit knowledge in construction of housing

Job description
- in charge to control sales and marketing for company in mew development
- assisting the head of division in daily operation of the division
-handling and servicing existing clients and develop new market network- to establish good  rapport with customers, advice and update client on products’ application knowledge and recommend appropriate system solutions.
-Handling negotiations and documentation with new customer
-following up on customer for document collection to build a new house and also need to know the requirement from majlis
- process weekly sales and division operation activities report to the head of division
- working closely as a team player for meeting the
Target for annual sales revenue and growth objectives 

 *waktu bekerja 8.30pagi-5.30ptg (sabtu-khamis)

Jawatan :         Site Engineer
Kekosongan :    L = 1, P = 0, L/P =0
Kelayakan :      Diploma/ Degree In Civil Or Equivalent
Gaji :              RM2,000.00
Qualification requirement :-
- at least 2 years extensive experience in construction-dynamic, aggressive, multi tasking, indepent, can work under pressure, administrative, able to relocate and go outstation, willing to travel, good communication skill
- fluent speaking and written in bahasa malaysia & english-must be computer literate and able to used engineering software (autocad, sketch-up, others related engineering drawing)
Job responsible
- undertaking technical and feasibility studies including site investigations using a range of computer packages for developing detailed designs
- undertaking complex and repetitive calculations
- liasing with clients and a variety of professionals including architects and subcontractors
- compiling job specs and supervising tendering procedures
-  resolving design and development problems
-  managing budgets and project resources
-  Scheduling material and equipment purchases and deliveries
- making sure the project complies with legal requirements
-  assessing the sustainablity and environmental impact of projects ensuring projects run smoothly and structures are completed within budget and on time
-  analysed outcomes and writing  detailed progress reports
-  competent knowledge  to ensure drawings supplied to the client are not misleading & comply  with the estimate
-  ensuring timely completion of all allocated  projects
- clear  communication about any variations or amendments to the architects plans
- complying with project status updates –adjusting activities as needed to meet project timelines
- ensuring conformance- to customer specifications, company standars as well as other regulation requirements
- prepares technical drawings and plans to be used in the production and construction of joirney
- draft plans and detailed drawings for structures, installations, and construction projects
- explain drawings to production teams and provide adjustments as necessary

         *waktu bekerja 8.30pagi-5.30ptg (sabtu-khamis)

          Jawatan :         Finance/Admin clerk
          Kekosongan :    L = 1, P = 0, L/P =0
          Kelayakan :      Bachelor’s Degree Or Diploma In Accounting / Finance
        Gaji :                 RM1,500.00
        Qualification requirement :-
        - Minimum 2-3 years of relevant working experience.
- good command of both english and bahasa malaysia
-great team player and possess good people skills
- willing to participate in all company’s event & activities
- highly motivated with an ablity to take ownership
- excellent attention to detail
- must have experience handling accounting and payroll- proficient in ms excel and work & knowledge of   accounting

        Job responsible
        - coordinate day to day activities within the accounting & admin functionms in all aspects of business and submit report reflecting earnings, profit, cash and cheque balances to general manager
- manage petty cash expenditure control and provide regular update report for company petty cash balance
-responsible for overseeing payment vouchers for approval for issuance of cheques to suppliers and staff claim, review and recommends purchasing policies and procedures
-  to implement and maintain adequate system of internal control to prevent and detect fraud
- Liaison with  hq finance personnel, company secretary, auditors, tax agent, fin shares services & government income tax for submission of year end annual return and ensure timely completion of audit process and lodgment with the companies commissioners of malaysia, royal malaysia customs department for gst purposes.
- preparation of company budgets and projections for operating and administrative expenses with general manager and managing director
-monitor and tract all company’s property/ assets and renewal of tenancy agreement, etc
-participate in inventory planning and evaluation. Ensure all payment to suppliers and manage the budget for inventory for monthly sales activities and events.
- coordinate accounting & payroll functions with fin shared services, ensuring that all taxation and statutory employer obligations including payroll, taxes, epf & insurance are met
- submission of employee’s annual salary statement for individual taxation.maintain and update employee handbook and issue handbook to employees. Maintain employee personal files.
- coordinate the accounting functions of the company and submit report reflecting earning, profit & loss accounts and balance sheet to general manager and top management
- undertake any ad-hoc tasks as assigned by management
- advantage for those who knows sus system (petronas, tnb)
       *waktu bekerja 8.30pagi-5.30ptg (sabtu-khamis)

         #       Sila email resume/permohonan anda ke  atau hubungi  pejabat cleantech development sdn bhd untuk sebarang pertanyaan

          #       Tarikh Tutup : 31 Disember 2016

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